About Korean Roofing Tiles

Our company was started to provide modern and innovative roofing solutions for the Kenyan market. The weather in the country is mainly tropical meaning there are sporadic changes from sunshine to cold to rain and the cycle continues throughout the year. At the coastal region the weather is mainly sunny and rainy in during some seasons. For these reasons, many builders have been in search of roofing solutions that can really provide value for money which is why we introduced the Korean roofing tiles Kenya.

Our Korean roofing tiles are made of high quality materials and are available in a variety of colors from neutral natural hues to vibrant colors that will add life to your home. The Korean roofing tiles can, not only withstand harsh weather but also they are fire resistant. They are made of materials that are safe for water harvesting which is important for those that store rain water.

We stand behind all the products that we sell and therefore we stand behind our products 100% with the best warranties in the market. Our products are also durable and lightweight which makes them easy to install. There's no need to add reinforced beams to your house which increases the building expenses significantly.

You can trust us for superior quality Korean roofing tiles Kenya and unmatched customer service. Elevate your house into a home by using our roofing solutions. Some of the products we provide include; Classic Profile, Shingle Profile and Milano Profile.

The three profiles come with some distinct qualities that you will find useful in a roof. Here are some of the performance properties that you will enjoy with our Korean stone coated roofing tiles;

Fire resistance – since all our Korean roofing tiles Kenya are stone coated they are able to withstand fire in case it occurred.

Can bear a wide load – our Korean roofing tiles Kenya are also very strong since they have a steel core and are stone coated in the best materials. This means that they do not break easily. This ensures the integrity of your roof.

Weather proof – our Korean roofing tiles are also weather proof. They can withstand different weather elements like rain, strong coastal sunshine and even hail.

Lightweight – all the three profiles are also light in weight. This means therefore with these profiles you can enjoy fast installation without the need to have extra beams for support of the roof.