Korean Roofing Tiles Kenya

We are renowned countrywide as a leading supplier of premium Korean roofing tiles in Kenya. We have ready stock ensuring no need to wait for weeks for the production process like in most companies locally. Our roofing tiles have a steel core which is stone coated with natural stone chips ensuring maximum durability and strength. Due to the tropical Kenyan weather, roofs are exposed to sporadic weather conditions which cause them to erode and wear off quickly. Our Korean roofing tiles are stone coated through the state of the art process that ensures they are durable, fade free and cannot erode quickly. Our clients enjoy the best proucts in the market. To cater for all our customers need, we stock a variety of colors, styles and different profiles to choose from. We provide Free Delivery within Nairobi and its precincts. For our clients out of Nairobi, we help you get cheaper transport options.

With our Korean roofing tiles you can be sure that all the architectural styles are met. Whether you have a traditional home, a home with a steep roof, or a modern home our roofing solutions can be used for any of these styles. We also ensure that the purchasing process is very easy for the clients. We walk with you all the way from when you request for a quote, we help you choose the best profile for you, take you through the installation process and provide impeccable aftersale customer service.

Our Profiles

Classic Profile

The classic profile is one of the most sought after profile thanks to its mediterranean look it borrows from traditional architecture but has been made using modern technology to ensure it offers better qualities than traditional roofing but with the same aesthetic appeal. The classic profile is available in different neutral color hues to give your house elegance and style. The classic profile doesn't underperform either because it provides the following qualities; it can withstand a big load without breaking, it is fire resistant, it is weather resistant, it is easy to install, it is lightweight therefore doesn't require extra beams, it is suitable for coastal weather and can withstand strong winds.

Shingle Profile

The shingle profile is for the homeowners looking for an elegant and deluxe look; looks that you expect to adore many years to come without the need to feel like you need to change. The shingle profile is available in many colors either as a single color or as an arrangement of two colors for more fun and style on your roof. The shingle profile is also a very good performer. It has comes with the following qualities that mean value for your money; it is fire resistant, allows for quick installation, it is light weight saving on construction expenses, it is weather proof and therefore can withstand lots of sunshine, rain and hail. Our Korean Shingle profile one of the most durable in the market and will not weather and erode easily.

Milano Profile

Our Korean Milano profile provides the most flawless look on your roof with the barrels adding so much to the beauty. This profile provides a modern yet timeless look to your house. The profile is available in many different colors and trim options. Since the tiles are highly lightweight they allow for fast installation. Furthermore they are fire resistant and weather resistant. The Milano profile is ideal also for use in coastal homes keeping the houses cool all the time. The Milano tiles are durable and made to last for years and with our warranty you can be sure to have your roof looking great for long.

Shake profile

Shingle profile combines a detailed look and distinctive style offering unique elegance to any roof offering an excellent replacement to thatched or makuti roofs. Available in wide variety of colors including black, terracotta and brown. The superior performance of steel ensures durability and versatility for years. Has a long standing reputation for performance, durability and versatility.